mercoledì 17 novembre 2010

here the boys lived in the home of the Priests in Ireland

. The severe discipline of the Priests is faithfully brought in the video, every reality of that that happened. The connection with vigor was used for the simple violations of the boys.
a lot of adopted punishments. showers frozen for the boys.
the boys dressed with the shorts and nothing more, to the open one in Winter for punishment.
The boys were often whipped to blood on the naked back.
In fact in my old School of infancy in the UK, a new classmate came. it told me that he lived for a year in a home similar to that of the video and for twice him it received the whip on the naked back.
To demonstration it showed the visible scars on the back.
Then he was adopted and it came to my School.
Then the video mirrors the true reality of what it happens in the past in the Schools of Ireland of the Priests.

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