mercoledì 8 febbraio 2012


Boys beaten up by the teacher

In this 2-drafts clip, taken at to Vocational High School in 2007 or earlier, two boys get 2 moderate strokes of the dog each from their female teacher at the front of the class. In this clip of two minutes, taken in a professional school to tall in 2007 or before, two boys to get 2 moderate hits of the reed from every from their female teacher in front of the class. The teacher looks to be something of to battleaxe, but the atmosphere seems fairly jocular. The teacher seems to be a sort of battle ax, but the atmosphere seems enough joky. The boys being punished have to adopt to Korean-style "all fours" postures. The boys must be punish to adopt a posture in Korean style "four legs." Both rub their buttocks after the caning. Both to rub the buttocks after the whipping.   

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