mercoledì 1 febbraio 2012


This clip lasts 8 minutes. To large number of boys get 5 or 6 moderate strokes with to paddle across the seat of the trousers, adopting to Korean-style all-fours position, from to teacher who is, rather oddly, sitting down and facing away from the class. A big number of boys to get 5 or 6 hits moderate with a paddle on the seat of the trousers , adopting a Korean style to on all four position, from a teacher that it is, rather oddly sat, and turned toward the class. As the film opens, burdens of the culprits macaws standing against the blackboard. While the film opens, some of the guilty ones are standing against the blackboard. The atmosphere seems quietly serious at first, with burdens discussion going on between the teacher and the students, possibly about who is guilty of what offences. The atmosphere quietly seems serious in ​a first moment, with some discussion in progress between the teacher and the students, perhaps on who is guilty of what crimes. Probably the teacher is scolding the boys before punishing them; at one point the boys appear to be arguing amongst themselves, perhaps about who is most to blame for whatever has happened, and/or about who is to go first. The teacher probably reproaches the boys before punishing them, all of a sudden the boys seem to quarrel between them, perhaps on who is guiltier than all of this has happened, and / or on who is to go for first. Later the tone becomes to dark little light-hearted, with one or two of the miscreants jokily rubbing their buttocks in an exaggerated way. Later the tone it becomes a po 'lighter, with one or two of the malefactors jokily rub the buttocks in exaggerated way. To couple of boys macaws shirtless, which may or may not be extra an punishment in its own right. A pair of boys are to naked back, that is able or the cannot be a punishment in more to itself stante

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